September 2013

owl bowl contest 2013 – Cologne

Someone has been killing the owl bowl last sunday…madly!

So here is the story.

The owl bowl skatecontest at the northbrigade in Cologne should have been happening on last saturday. The day of the fade away mountainbike contest wich brought work and would have brought absence.

Good lord, this is the end of summer and because of this the weather in old Germany has been a bit rainy. Nothing to bad if you ride dirt in the woods but serious if you ride concrete with urethan wheels.

So Sunday the word came around that the owl bowl has been postphoned to today.

A lot of cheering was hearable upon arrival at the north, but the contest has not been over,…far from.

201309_Skate_contest_owlBowl_North_Koeln_DSCF7151 Kopie

yes yes##, there has been a female contest and the most famous omsa contest starring Lester Kasai who did win it!. Ditsches got second. For his 50th anniversary. In live? On Board! Yes, he has been probaly born with a board. OMSA for live. To early for the photographer.

201309_Skate_contest_owlBowl_North_Koeln_DSCF7155 Kopie

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Fade away – flying bikes in the mountains

Little nebula clouds fading away in the morning. So green the forst. Windy the road.

Expecting guys, yes only – but I skiping ahead, flying with bikes trough the air? Yes. No. Well, a fotopromotiongift job awaited and with this the realisation on the disturbing senses of standing with the back to the action. Greenscreen action ahead, bikeflyers in the back: Poor stewards at all those soccer games, go figure.

Flying they have been. Through the rainy september day. Of wooden ramps onto earth ramps. Jumping on minramps 4 meters above ramps. In and out.

28 guys, no girls. only guys are stupid enough? Great!

Rain did not stop only pause them and between putting peoples faces on amirs body and printing the pics for them, there was a little time the action happened in front not in the back. The results in the gallery got shot. Break pics.

Not everything you see got landed safe, but mostly.

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STuDio :T: – open now



You are in Bonn and want to get shot? contact


Skatedemo Collogne


rain and wind, the first feeling of autumn. But under the bridge the Vans skateteam has been warming up and disobeying the weathergods command of no skateboarding with rain.

As always it is good to see old friends and all the skateboys that turned grown up in all those years. Well somehow.


Above one of the grown ups, Mr Pfanner, father now but still a pilot of Pfanner airlines.                                                                                                                                         Been 9 years since we went to Mongolia. Time…………………………………………….


201309_skate_Vans_demo_Koeln_140 201309_skate_Vans_demo_Koeln_141 201309_skate_Vans_demo_Koeln_142



Sam Partaxi and Dustin Dollin not very surprised by Daniel Lutheran hovering over their heads. Just some regular shit happening on a pro skatetour…or what? Or are they just not sensing him?