März 2014

come inside and get lost

One and a half way to go until the final closure. Still time………………

Come by, relax and get lost


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last days of the labyrinth – Peristal Singum closes

29. of march 2014 is your last change

since april 2010 the Labyrinth Peristal Singum invited you to a strange journey inside your feelings, fears and joys.


Now this journey is over and it is time to move on.

If  by change you are around Berlin, you should take the fortune.

I will be there covering the exodus on photographic material, maybe greating you before your journey and seeing your soul shine afterwards.

Things change so do not expect to find exactly what you see here. maybe Baby.



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Spring is coming – strange things happening

Moon during the day,  cultural rituals on public spaces, surfer on the river rhine and tree trunks watching TV…. 2014 you gonna be strange

but aslong as the sun is shing….

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Alaaf Akbar! Rosemonday and the Zueg to the Sound kuett doch

Carneval is over, everyone is alive and some are still hungover.

With the city, the major and the festausschuss fucking around with a lot of our peoples nonconformal activities we still had a great Carneval and some mültikülti süperfun. Rhineland, you still rock, even you get very tight in your upper part of ass in the lower part you still find some good ones, thanks to them.

But hey, it is verboten!

like this help yourself against all the wild pie hazzard with some makeshift toilets…..Verboten!

Can someone please tell the festausschuss and the ordnungsamt to fuck of or to finaly place their own toilets! Take some responsibility stupids! or we pee in your garden.


Doch mir lasse uns net vom pinkeln abhalte, weder ins Toilettche noch ans Bein von dene da oben, et kuett wie et kuett und loeft einfach raus

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Kein Karneval Konzert

Its the KKK biatch. Hallo…..gehts noch?  ein Karlauer, und das hier…

ja ne, nur kein Karneval bein Konzert in der Brotfabrik und lecker gute Simmung.

jute Musik braucht halt keene Pappnasen (zusammen jet aber auch)

mehr bald unter keineval.co.nf

mit Antiquariat, la lengua del malon und Luke I am your dad

always believe in the aftersession:) and the Kültür Kemenat


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