Juni 2014

At Worlds End – amsterdam timetravel

You meet people, you talk, you drink, you kiss, you leave and then it starts again


timetravel, timelaps, timeloss….a party by At Worlds End.

An golden ticket invitation by Horenzeggen.


the idea to hitchhike again into friday the 13th full moon. (I need to tell, a polish guy drove me stright to the door)

201406_Impressionen_AWE-Party_Adam_DSCF4305    201406_Impressionen_AWE-Party_Adam_DSCF4351

The possibility to meet the idigenes of A-Dam, trade some pearls of wisdom, freeze some thoughs and pure some firewater was to tempting.

201406_Impressionen_AWE-Party_Adam_DSCF4340  201406_Impressionen_AWE-Party_Adam_DSCF4343

201406_Impressionen_AWE-Party_Adam_DSCF4318  201406_Impressionen_AWE-Party_Adam_DSCF4358


It has been a good ride and Pinky and the brain do speak like the antwoord….SA style bra.


The time was precious and lost. hearts stopped and pumped again.


The best thing…..tearing down the event with the family the next day.

201406_Impressionen_AWE-Party_Adam_DSCF4372 201406_Impressionen_AWE-Party_Adam_DSCF4373  201406_Impressionen_AWE-Party_Adam_DSCF4421 201406_Impressionen_AWE-Party_Adam_DSCF4428


Thanks to A.W.E./Isolator cave family. hope to see you soon.


If you go to fusion festival, watch out for them and if you shoot agfa clack Camera…..well it is a task

fotoKlein  201406_Impressionen_AWE-Party_Adam_M0004

covershot ….. after 9 years

What a weekend (more later). It ended with a storm and the first cover shot since Pontus Alv on Boardstein in 2005……..

Very happy to present the Monster Skatemag # 335 Cover with the unknown Rider

Jim Roemer from Bonn, real underground…


back in the day..9 years ago..real far out…


Respect to those who deserve, thank you Mr Chris Feissel for the basic idea on the shot….here is you. straight in the bulls eye, catch 180 flip…

201405_Skate_chris-jim-pat_down_Bonn_DSC_2133 Kopie