September 2014

sunny skate saturday and serious chaos at the lentpark cologne

sunny skate saturday and serious chaos at the lentpark …..contest.

Kids, parents, Skateboards and some general mayhem on the course.

How beautifull that chaos was. Who did invent that everybody skates without a recognisable order in a highly official contest? That human deserves a medal of hörrör. As does the METALLLLLLLL Band playing during practice. A not very common show these days, who got die antwoord?

A cheers to autum. Thanks for the nice skating, the organisers for making it happening and a big hello to all the winners.




Whát did I see and hear? Scenic Skateboard Impro Oper Bonn

5 weeks thinking, 4 days produktion and 0,9765499999999999999 rehearsals

Just to tap our selfs on the shoulder, this was the time we had to kick the Scenic Skateboard Impro Oper Bonn.

JoHempel_201409_Projekt_Ichsah_Oper-Bonn_DSC_2933 Kopie

One can be happy we made a rather great than hate show out of this but one can also learn and say: not again with less than one real rehearsal. It could have been so much better with more time to practice and seeing the dramatic line evolving . We did not get the chance.

Anyhow, we did not have Lampfever we had Lampshade, the boys rolled like postrockswans, the ramps spoke and old women liked it.……

A big shout out to all the great people at the opera and in the werkstätten who helped making in possible and survived flying boards while working on stage:)

We like to thank markus.wutzlhofer and monster skatemag for supporting us with the skateable guitar….


JoHempel_201409_Projekt_Ichsah_Oper-Bonn_DSC_3021 Kopie


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More visuals soon.

a obstacle named Peter at the theater

Not to be confused

This goes out to all the good people at the theater werkstätten in beuel and the opera bonn.

We proudly named one of the skateboard obstacles „Peter“ in honour the the man who made it on close time call.

Thank you very much.

The Skater is named Conny, Conny over Peter….


Alex picking on Conny while dressing……

JoHempel_201409_Projekt_Ichsah_Oper-Bonn_DSCF7994 (1)

and a sneak preview on our requisites

damn theater life:)




A Scenic Skateboard Impro

We are going on stage

Ich sah es rollen
und hörte…

Was hat Skateboardfahren mit der Oper zu tun?
Die Theatralik des Lebens?
Der Wunsch zur Show?
Bereitschaft zu Leiden?

Szenische Skateboard Improvisation

eine Kooperation des Theaters Bonn und HFWM-Produktion
Regie/Produktion Jo Hempel
Ton und Rampen Installation Michael Falkenbach/Markus Wutzlhofer/Michael Marx


Helmut Vutuc Lampshade

und dem fahrenden Volk
David Marlon Conrads – Jo Gabler – Tim Hachem
Alex Hasert – Michael Niermann – Marcel Weber

20.9.2014 Theaterfest, Oper Bonn, Einlass 19:00

Eintritt frei


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