Oktober 2014

Bonn an Autumn weekend in sun rain culture party

Loving those weekends in autumn, when everything can happen, sun and rain, fun and pain.

Last weekend with # Mission IMPROssible #Irgendwiealles #Nachtflohmarkt  #welcome to the circus #at the filmset/BW

From Thursday to Monday the feeling of holiday in Bonn was only one step away. Hope it will stay that way.


JoHempel_201410_Impressionen_BonnDSCF9466 KopieJoHempel_201410_Veranstaltung_IWA_Nordbrücke_BonnDSCF9653 Kopie

And we missed a lot that was going on in Bonn/Germany,… great:)  So enjoy the visual remains and see you at KADW tonight, Weiherborn/Franzstrasse, bring blankets and collect a chair from the street.

# Mission IMPROssible/Kult41 Improtheater start

JoHempel_201410_Impressionen_BonnDSCF9554 Kopie


# Irgendwiealles/Friedrich-Ebert-Rheinhalle

JoHempel_201410_Impressionen_BonnDSCF9561 Kopie

#Nachtflohmarkt Kult41 Fabrik45

JoHempel_201410_Impressionen_BonnDSCF9551 Kopie


#welcome to the circus

 #at the filmset/Bornheimer Wache

Good bye and see you soon


Waffenschweine Theater Bonn – a stageview on german Burschenschaften…

Allways wondered how german Burschenschaften (fraternities) have been back then and maybe now?

The play Waffenschweine – Theater Bonn – may give you a sometimes shocking, sometimes funny and a lot of times  light bulb moment on german fraterinities, back from when they have been innovative and democratic pioneers until the now.

check out Theater Bonn for the next dates and do not forget, it is still a play!

some other works…Busch-Jaeger and Unesco

JoHempel Photography might appear like some fun sports, concert, party pictures with a little share of wedding and pregnancy photography…

Partly right, we do other works as well.

just recently we accompanied the first Busch-Jaeger IFA-Berlin Tradeshow presence.

see Busch-Jaeger FB

And just some days ago we had the honour to document the UNESCO Decade Conference in Bonn, beeing located in the old Plenarsaal of the Western Germany Goverment.

Eröffnung des Panels Brücke nach Nagoya

see so far:

Department of Foreign Affairs Germany


best is, if the fun still stays at work, even after 12 hours of shooting…sometimes it does