November 2014



Dat Ship het jewackelt!!!! Township did nearly take of

UPROOT ANDY (New York), DJ POLYESTA (Amsterdam) and KOSTA KOSTOV (Collogne).

Djs of fortune, players of global  music, seducer of innocent dancefloor inhabitants.

One and all did do their best to get the crowd moving and the crowd did move, the ship shaked and the windows sweat like lions in the oven, what more to say…nuttin.

If you came to dance you’ve been at the right place and ……smiles … the global township


More concerts…MFTK on the township

Fuck you! I won’t do what….concerts

Hell yeah! Musik For The Kitchen the band brought to you to the township by ViertelBar-Concerts. First of a wonderfull lineup of live music from around the world.

Musik For The Kitchen  played their own tunes and covered a wide repertoire of music styles and songs with their mix of accordion, contra bass, drums and guitar….AND!  yes…rage against the machine did tell us through the mouths of Musik From The Kitchen they won’t do what you tell them… it?

I missed  jumpjump by chris cross:)

Great night great music. Next time longer, even 3 ad ons are not to bad:)…maybe a …what ever, thursday it was.

Stay tuned…


An other one likes the bass – concerts

Concerts! Concerts!  A lot of concerts

Just before the welcome to the kitchen concert tonight at the township we take a little look back on some live music…we want more:)


Bukahara live at the base camp: Music, campers and a well of audience, first all rest on their…. but then….Hossa!

DyrtByte live at the sound couch at fabrik45: Sunday, candles, cakes, sofas and some flying beats and tunes mixed with live drums,…chill!


Six Nation LP release at Kult41: Music revolution and shout outs with a lot of guests,..jump!

Cheap Art-Deluxe

The Cheap Art Sensation and the Cheap Art Deluxe in Bonn

Those events to see and buy a lot of different art did take place in the Fabrik 45 and the Kult41.


JoHempel did show his analog medium formate works

„welcome to the desert-take a ride“ and „im Sinne des Sandes“.


shortly before the opening

Turned out to be a great evening.


30 minutes after opening….

Imagine how crowded the place turned….

the ship is… in town!

AyAy! Lift your feet, feed your parrots………..the ship is in town

The moon was nearly full.

The night was nearly warm

The beat was realy there

The river realy floaded

Township by the shore

shure to be there

take a new ride

to an upcoming sphere

….and if it’s sweaty

I don’t care