Juni 2016

Lohse Rampe Skatecontest

Lohse Contest

A miracle happened at the Lohse Rampe Skatecontest

it was raining heavily the days before, so they had to skip the Skatecontest from saturday to sunday and it does rain every day since then.

Lohse Contest

Stuttgards Stjepan Lovric flying high over collogn-ial grounds while the masses enjoy the sun

So whatever god had mercy for some poor little 4×4 rolling boards pilots, thank you for that wonderfull sunny day. You did get a fair reward as all the spectators did get a more then decent action jackson afternoon, with highspeed feebles and headhigh airs.

Yeah, we do miss the ladies contest here again…fucking stupids we are…but we have just been allways at the wrong spot for the right tricks, and you do not want to show a rock to faki,..no? Because they to better with blunts and liens to tail…respect and sorry, next time.

So this is a boys issue again…. sunny boys in various poses, with danger in the mind and adrenalin in their veins (who knows what else)…

this years winner….

Lohse Contest

Kevin Wenzke – headhight ollie to fakie disaster bash and first place


Thank you Lohse crew for that afternoon.




the magic of analog – timetravel to egypt

SOME HATE IT – I LOVE IT …. analog timetraveling

Time passes and then you develop an analog film, you do not even know what is on it and it is like christmass… you know you will get presents, but are they any good?

Happens all the time, here are some rough scans back from last years winter in egypt…skate, art, nightlive, streetlife, obscurities

Rollei35, no light meter, no focus help… an analog weapon of choice