Bogida, Bonn people against the islamisation of the oxident….well…..

Yes, for sure, there are a lot of idiots claiming to do the right thing under the banner of Islam. But may this be an excuse to front against all the people coming to Germany for 10000 reasons. If you take a look at history it is quiet hard to figure who is realy a german..isn’t it?

A lot of people in Bonn stated a big NO against the position of discriminating anyone just for the colour of the skin and for their national background. A position that has been claimed by by the strange people under the banner of Bogida.

And yes, dear Bogida People, we are democratic and you do have the right to speak your ideas. But hey…everbody has, so if you are roughly 120 people and about a 1000 people  block your way we call it democracy aswell. No reason to blame the police for not forcing your way through all those people, old, young, with children, black, white.

A pitty that you at Bogida have some good retoric speakers who make your believes sound reasonable if you do not listen closely… it just makes you wonder what happened to those humans during their live and what their real goals are…

We like culture from around the world:) We do not like any one who is just stupid and racistic.