5. Februar 2015




A theater play on the good and bad sides of beeing a refugee in Germany


Beeing inside the  german bureaucratic machinery as a refugee and applying for asylum is mostly no fun at all.

The play Asyl-Dialoge brought on stage by the Bühne für Menschenrechte is working with a big contrast. A contrast between very minimalistic play by the actors, mostly even read from paper and nearly only the voice giving you emotions and the content. A content leading you in the inside world of refugees and people who try to help, to guide to support them.

Not the mimics or the gesture make you shiver, more the stories narrated from the memories of various refugees, their background, their odysse. And the audiance does learn a lot, more then you will read in the papers, more the amount of reality you would get if you spend time with the refugees, like some people do.

Those people do get a voice aswell and together they narrate an imagination of reality that makes you shiver from time to time.

But you may also smile, because, yes some of the histories are so absurd that you can only smile to compensate, but from the histories of the refugees and the helpers evolve heartfull and funny situations.

The play at KULT41 brought to you by Rhizom-Bonn and  refugees welcome  as been more than sold out, as you might see in the pictures.

more dates at Bühne für Menschenrechte


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