Fat Freddy’s Drop Ing Beats and Vibes

27. November 2015

Yesterday morning it was early, very early, cold and no one expected the evening to end with Fat Freddy’s Drop

But then, on the way to the aktionspotenzial shooting they mentioned at Funkhaus Europa

“Two tickets for Fat Freddy’s Drop in Muenster to win,…call…”

JoHempel_201511_Konzert_FatFreddysDrop_Muenster_DSCF6828 Kopie

For the first time in life I called, left my name and 5 minutes later, just arriving at the shooting location they stated “no more calling, Jo Hempel did win the two tickets”  Damn!!!!!!!!!!!:)

…shooting and then Muenster and today waking up at 5 again…DAMN. But as Annika said “this has to be” so it has been:)

JoHempel_201511_Konzert_FatFreddysDrop_Muenster_DSCF6835 Kopie

It was a blast!!!! Slowley and wise Fat Freddy’s Drop brought all their energy from up under down to us and the bass made the floor vibrate, the voice made you wish to sit by the campfire, the wind instruments good crazy,…more and more and in the end no one did what to let them leave the stage…

I want to love – I don’t want to fight – it feels so good if you are skaning with me

Thank you for the music Fat Freddy’s Drop!!!!!

Thank you for the tickets Funkhaus Europa!!!!!!!

JoHempel_201511_Konzert_FatFreddysDrop_Muenster_DSCF6876 Kopie JoHempel_201511_Konzert_FatFreddysDrop_Muenster_DSCF6865 Kopie JoHempel_201511_Konzert_FatFreddysDrop_Muenster_DSCF6860 Kopie JoHempel_201511_Konzert_FatFreddysDrop_Muenster_DSCF6852 Kopie JoHempel_201511_Konzert_FatFreddysDrop_Muenster_DSCF6847 Kopie JoHempel_201511_Konzert_FatFreddysDrop_Muenster_DSCF6832 Kopie JoHempel_201511_Konzert_FatFreddysDrop_Muenster_DSCF6884 Kopie

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