Games Com – nursing the warriors

29. August 2013

Wide eyed funnies stumbling around in gunshot filled halls. Lines of palish guys waiting hours to get killed in 15 minutes. Wemen in fantastic outfits appearing in between, giving the modern cyberwarriors  the right drive. Yeah man, tits and guns:)

Hope all of you will not experience the real shit. Well, tits might be OK but hell, no glory in battle. And how come all the ego shooters host no civilians? Can it be this is a breading ground for further canonfudder? Nope man, that must be paranoia.

You know the tactics, you now the weapons, so go out and fight. Maybe after90 survived seconds they drop a titan to boost your firepower. Next level.

And then, after an exhausting battle a beautifull woman will give you some viva con aqua:) End of story.


Fun for me, I shoot them all and steel their souls.