Halfpipe action in the Rheinaue Bonn

30. April 2015

As it is well known, Bonn got the biggest outdoor Halfpipe for miles

As the spring is slowly ending and summer is coming up there is a very good change to witness some highflying action there. Flying around 5 m above the ground is no rarity if the right ones are there.

Here some impressions from 3 weeks ago.

By the way, it is quiet possible to join a barbeque there if you come on a sunny day and further more:

there is the initiative



check it out if you somehow do have any interest on sports like Skateboard, BMX, Inline…

enjoy the spring…fly high


JoHempel_201504_Skate_T-F-M_Rheinaue_Bonn_DSC_7685_A JoHempel_201504_Skate_T-F-M_Rheinaue_Bonn_DSC_7666_A JoHempel_201504_Skate_T-F-M_Rheinaue_Bonn_DSC_7662_A JoHempel_201504_Skate_T-F-M_Rheinaue_Bonn_DSC_7651_A JoHempel_201504_Skate_T-F-M_Rheinaue_Bonn_DSC_7637


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