KültürKlüngel Orkestra – a way of heartfull carnival – Part I.

8. März 2017

Carnival in the rhineland, love it or leave it?

Many folks life by this mantra, being intimidated by 100983288 gallons of beer pured down from weired looking germans in silly costumes during shitty cold weather, in february. And what about this buring a puppet (the nubbel) at the end,  to get rid of all sins that might have accumulated during the days of Carnival, very medival, seems like burning a witch. Not nice….kind of.

But folks, do not forget, the many roots of Carnival, the many evolutions it went through the last hundrets of years, can be happily combined to a more cultural, freaky, funny, friendly way. Driving out the winterghosts, making fun of the high borns, critising social phenomenons, behaving awkward, dancing, singing, beeing creative, welcoming everybody.

Smiling I take a ride back at the 3th or even 4th “Viertelzug” aka Kültürklüngel Orkestra aka “Peterstrassenganggetswicked” as beeing a possible face of this colourfull, multicharacteristic, creative side of Carnival.

Take a look and come by next year, when people from all kinds of backgrounds find themselfs on the streets.

Alaaaf Akbar everybody!!!!,…. not to offend anyone, but during Carnival Alaaf, or Helau or Wuptika, or what ever the local shout out is up in the sky, so basicaly: Alaaaf is great everybody



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