Mongolia – digging temples and skateparcs

30. August 2016

it has been 14 years….digging in mongolia



And then you scroll trough your old files and find these bw scans, smile and remember. It was digging at Karakorum with the DAI, eating bots every day and finding natural herbs in the mountains, horseriding and dog playing, vast plains and acient remains.

JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw11 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw06 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw04 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once27 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once17 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once15  JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once46 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once37JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once33 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once31JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once26 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once10 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once07 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once13

JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw16 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once55 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw02

JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once51 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once47  JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once40

JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once32 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once09

JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once12 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once08 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once03


It was the time when to discover the great abondened skatepark in Ulan Bator/mongolia that led us to the 14 skater project “in search for the history of the mongolian skateparc” in 2004, ending up with the book dirt ollies  and the film mongolian tyres .

Thanks to Juliane Schmidt for showing me the parc first time and to Prof. Dr. Hajo Huettel for accepting my participation with the Kaak/DAI project in Karakorum. Thanks to all the excavation team!


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