Alaaf Akbar! Rosemonday and the Zueg to the Sound kuett doch

6. März 2014

Carneval is over, everyone is alive and some are still hungover.

With the city, the major and the festausschuss fucking around with a lot of our peoples nonconformal activities we still had a great Carneval and some mültikülti süperfun. Rhineland, you still rock, even you get very tight in your upper part of ass in the lower part you still find some good ones, thanks to them.

But hey, it is verboten!

like this help yourself against all the wild pie hazzard with some makeshift toilets…..Verboten!

Can someone please tell the festausschuss and the ordnungsamt to fuck of or to finaly place their own toilets! Take some responsibility stupids! or we pee in your garden.


Doch mir lasse uns net vom pinkeln abhalte, weder ins Toilettche noch ans Bein von dene da oben, et kuett wie et kuett und loeft einfach raus

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2076 Kopie


JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF1989 Kopie


JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2090 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2047 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2118 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2133 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2150 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2155 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2168 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2171 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2175 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2204 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2206 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2211 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2227 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2249 Kopie

JoHempel_201403_Karneval_Rosenmontag_Zueg-SoundKuettDSCF2257 Kopie

we do not come back, we are never away!

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