Schiffe schauen und Quallen versenken – one – none RhizomBar

10. August 2015


Last saturday the Rhizom helped to organise a birthdayparty and it got greater than expected.

No wonder if the birthdaychild gets DJanes like


Challa (Twist and Shout)
Anibal (Neon Wave)
Darius Darek (Taxi Mundial)
SMNBZ (Kommandozentrale)
Oliver (Spannung_Loesung)

to play good music till 8 am.

a lot of people helped when ever there was help needed,,…Thanks a lot!

And there was the “door to a better world” where you could get yellyfish gelee and a visa stamp for a safe residence.

So it did appear like a RhizomBar but it wasn’t.

We would never do this without official allowance


some more here Rhizom



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