Whát did I see and hear? Scenic Skateboard Impro Oper Bonn

21. September 2014

5 weeks thinking, 4 days produktion and 0,9765499999999999999 rehearsals

Just to tap our selfs on the shoulder, this was the time we had to kick the Scenic Skateboard Impro Oper Bonn.

JoHempel_201409_Projekt_Ichsah_Oper-Bonn_DSC_2933 Kopie

One can be happy we made a rather great than hate show out of this but one can also learn and say: not again with less than one real rehearsal. It could have been so much better with more time to practice and seeing the dramatic line evolving . We did not get the chance.

Anyhow, we did not have Lampfever we had Lampshade, the boys rolled like postrockswans, the ramps spoke and old women liked it.……

A big shout out to all the great people at the opera and in the werkstätten who helped making in possible and survived flying boards while working on stage:)

We like to thank markus.wutzlhofer http://wzlhfr.com/ and monster skatemag for supporting us with the skateable guitar….


JoHempel_201409_Projekt_Ichsah_Oper-Bonn_DSC_3021 Kopie


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More visuals soon.

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