Bonn an Autumn weekend in sun rain culture party

27. Oktober 2014

Loving those weekends in autumn, when everything can happen, sun and rain, fun and pain.

Last weekend with # Mission IMPROssible #Irgendwiealles #Nachtflohmarkt  #welcome to the circus #at the filmset/BW

From Thursday to Monday the feeling of holiday in Bonn was only one step away. Hope it will stay that way.


JoHempel_201410_Impressionen_BonnDSCF9466 KopieJoHempel_201410_Veranstaltung_IWA_Nordbrücke_BonnDSCF9653 Kopie

And we missed a lot that was going on in Bonn/Germany,… great:)  So enjoy the visual remains and see you at KADW tonight, Weiherborn/Franzstrasse, bring blankets and collect a chair from the street.

# Mission IMPROssible/Kult41 Improtheater start

JoHempel_201410_Impressionen_BonnDSCF9554 Kopie


# Irgendwiealles/Friedrich-Ebert-Rheinhalle

JoHempel_201410_Impressionen_BonnDSCF9561 Kopie

#Nachtflohmarkt Kult41 Fabrik45

JoHempel_201410_Impressionen_BonnDSCF9551 Kopie


#welcome to the circus

 #at the filmset/Bornheimer Wache

Good bye and see you soon


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