Bright Tradeshow, fashion week Boerlin, BESA and somehow missed the ….

27. Januar 2015

the…. bright tradeshow, went to the show, but ..why is this only at night?

anyhow, it has been great, no matter if eating gingerbread houses,  drinking beer with Gypsi and Conny at the Fluff 1826 release,  seeing oectagon, beton hauseneuropean skateboard awards.

The best things about tradeshows are the nights anyway, everybody is getting so light headed:)……at the end all that matters is dancing at Franken and falling asleep.

check more reality on bright tradeshow

you migth even go there by yourself and see what we saw but not shot.

Thanks to everybody, exspecially to Finni, Wulf und Woodstock for a place to stay


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