Februar 2015

A flashback on carnival – Rosenmontag rose-Monday – Bonn

A flashback on carnival – Rosenmontag rose-Monday


ready to rumble

For people who have never been in the rheinische Karneval it is hard to describe what is going on. Well, you could say „costumes, liqueur, Kamelle (sweets) and somorrah“ and this is true. On the 11th of November it does start at 11:11 am and it ends 7 weeks before Easter with the main (and real) 5 days as a climax.

The origins do go way back in time. Chasing out the winter ghosts (before Christianity), getting all orgy before the fasten until holy Easter, having a time in the year in which you could make fun on the church, the nobles, the rich and the government. This is a rough summary on the evolution and it all sums up into one.

obvious, Charlie Chaplin

obvious, charlie chaplin

Normally today the „clks“ mentioned above are the main things, circling all the parties, parades and things you do, which you (maybe) normally would not do. Good thing, on Aschermittwoch/ash-wednesday you could burn a pupped symbolizing all the sins and you are free from all carnival „wrongdoings“ again.

Still you find the ancient heritage here and there. Women storming the city hall on Weiberfastnacht/washerwomen-Thursday (the first „real“ Carnival day) , political or social caricatures on parade wagons. You have „Stunk Sitzungen“ which are filled with critics and cabaret on everything. But how can you make fun on the politicians if they join in and make fun of themselves…?


ohhhh those politicians!!!…No, not the one in the middle, the one on the right                                  

BUT, things change. After over a decade this year a traditional reggae party was banned by the city.

the pope is not amused, neither on tanks made in germany nor on reggae parties canceled

the pope is not amused, neither on tanks made in germany nor on reggae parties canceled

Sad,… but thanks! This forced people to react and a official demonstration at the Frankenbadplatz during the main parade on Rosenmontag rose-Monday did take place. Yes, there was music AND there have been a lot of speeches reaching out to the „curiosities“ of law and order, the misfits of bureaucratic rules, the banalities of governmental decisions.

Together with the second edition of an alternative parade that took place first time last year here in Bonn, it did change the spirit a bit.

Not to forget, there has been a tank roaming the streets during the Rosenmontag rose-Monday parade that obviously put focus on one thing we Germans tend to forget so easily. Yes, we are very careful these days on where to send our soldiers,


Peace – made in Germany. Those who sow arms will reap refugees.

Go little less party, go figure.

enough words, now pics:

Battlefield Karneval



No one wants a battlefield during Karneval,

there is enough battle with the consciousness


Leider kommen überall wilde Gerüchte auf, über Chaos und Durcheinander am Rosenmontag bei der Demo zum alternativen Karneval, selbst in den höchsten Etagen der Bonner Stadtadministration.

Nun ja, es ist Karneval, diese Zeit wurde geschaffen für Chaos, aber zumindest bei der funky Reggae Party war das Chaos eingedämmt.

Glücklicherweise haben wir Freunde bei der MSA, die uns Überwachungs-Aufnahmen der letzten „De sound-kütt“ Party, Rosenmontag 2014 besorgen konnten.

Wie Ihr sehen könnt: kein Chaos, und ein aufgeräumter Platz am Ende.

UND GANZ EHRLICH, warum beschuldigen so viele die Reggae-Veranstaltung für das Wildpinkeln im Karneval?

Man hatte immerhin 6 Dixi-Toiletten.

Wie viele stellt der Bonner Festausschuss, der Veranstalter des gesamten Rosenmontags-Zuges bereit?


Sehr fair! Wer ist also verantwortlich für all die Wildpinkler? Stell Dir vor!

check the video with the link below on vimeo:

 De Sound Kuett 2014

Unfortunatly wild rumors about chaos and disorder at the rally for alternative Karneval on Rosemonday are spreading and reaching even the highest levels of Bonn City administration. Well, it is Karneval, it was made for Chaos, but at least at the funky Reggae Party there was embanked chaos

Luckily we have our friends at MSA who leaked some surveillance footage of the last „De sound-kütt“ event, rosemonday 2014.

As you can see, no chaos and a clean square at the end.

AND ONCE AND FOR ALL, why the heck is everybody blaming the Reggae event for wild urination during Karneval?

At least they had six toilets.

How many does the Bonner Festausschuss, the organiser of the Rosenmontagszug provide?


Very fair, so who is responsible for people urinating everywhere? Go figure!





A theater play on the good and bad sides of beeing a refugee in Germany


Beeing inside the  german bureaucratic machinery as a refugee and applying for asylum is mostly no fun at all.

The play Asyl-Dialoge brought on stage by the Bühne für Menschenrechte is working with a big contrast. A contrast between very minimalistic play by the actors, mostly even read from paper and nearly only the voice giving you emotions and the content. A content leading you in the inside world of refugees and people who try to help, to guide to support them.

Not the mimics or the gesture make you shiver, more the stories narrated from the memories of various refugees, their background, their odysse. And the audiance does learn a lot, more then you will read in the papers, more the amount of reality you would get if you spend time with the refugees, like some people do.

Those people do get a voice aswell and together they narrate an imagination of reality that makes you shiver from time to time.

But you may also smile, because, yes some of the histories are so absurd that you can only smile to compensate, but from the histories of the refugees and the helpers evolve heartfull and funny situations.

The play at KULT41 brought to you by Rhizom-Bonn and  refugees welcome  as been more than sold out, as you might see in the pictures.

more dates at Bühne für Menschenrechte


Tanzdemo, slaughterhouse and a normal weekend

Saturday róughly 200 people met for the Tanzdemo in Bonn


only that few thought it is allright to dance for more cultural space, fair rents and intelligent usement of abondened and empty houses?

Well….it is Bonn, everybody sleepy here and it is January.

At least the graffiti artists do not sleep to long to find the perfect spot to practice their craft, welcome to the slaughterhouse.

Its inetriour does remind us on the conditions of your mind at a nice weekend night at big ass affair, Syla and beton for bonn.

Take care until the next weekend:)