bright shitfoot mongoland in berlin

11. Juli 2015

As allways it is a pleasure to come back to Berlin, even if it is just for one day.

Coming for the tradeshows allways brings some meetings with old rolling buddies. Good to see them on board again. Rolling with Cpt. Clepto, meeting the Yamas, …

with shitfoot mongoland the skateboarding came back bright into the tradeshow scene,…well as bright as a core tradeshow of skatebrands would be:)

JoHempel_201606_Tradshow_shitfoot_Berlin_DSCF4481 JoHempel_201606_Tradshow_shitfoot_Berlin_DSCF4466 JoHempel_201606_Tradshow_shitfoot_Berlin_DSCF4465 JoHempel_201606_Tradshow_shitfoot_Berlin_DSCF4463

The evening brought a nice premiere of Carhartts new Mongolia book from dirt to dust and Löwens/Fiederlings epic video where we come from featuring a whole bunch of crazy european skaters.

It was fun, even one had to leave eraly to go back to the last gorilla workshop in munich. Nice busride through the night



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