Oktober 2013


english below

Kairo ist ein Jungbrunnen,
Man hat das Gefühl wieder 16 zu sein, nicht wegen der guten Luft, vielmehr aufgrund der strikten Ausgangsbestimmungen.

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Back in the big bad City

english version below….

Der Himmel war fast klar über Bonn, Herbst in ruhiger Phase, was sich dramatisch änderte im Wolkenbild auf dem Weg nach Frankfurt.

Fünf Stunden später ist der Flughafen in Cairo fast ausgestorben. Lange Gesichter.

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WIN GOLD WATER! -116 Likes and counting, time to celebrate

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A facebook virgin until 10. of august, the day neo johempel photography realy went online.

In 60 days more than 116 people liked johempel photography on facebook, WE LIKE IT!

Because of this we do a little conest for all of those who did like us.

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once in a time – there is CLUB PISSRINNE

It is not very well preserved who started it, might been the Hutmachers back in the days, around christmass, who knows,….but still it is going on and on:


the only real underground spot in Bonn. Might be a junky/gangster/hobo place most of the time, but once in a while someone comes along, piles in a hell lot of water and accid, puts up some speakers and here we go.

Police never realy knows how to deal with that, music is turned down a bit and on it goes.

This time there was a great innovation on how to put up the speakers, making more out of that tunnel.

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