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3. Dezember 2015

This year Gorilla came to Germany and Jo went to swiss


Gorilla Workshops are teaching kids how to do freestyle sports, eat healthy and passing along some knowlage about sustainibilty… Mrs Wadin and I joined the first german tour from DeinGorilla for three weeks and it was a blast, Mr. Albertross is a certified slavedriver and mother of a lot of Kinder, Rinder, some Inder and our tour asses. Thanks bro.

In September I had the possibility to shoot for the swiss Gorilla mothership and yesterday I did look at some pictures of their trainers again that I do not want to hold from you . Firefire…

JoHempel_201508_Gorilla-Inklusion_Frauenfeld_Schweiz_DSC_9635 Kopie JoHempel_201508_Gorilla-Inklusion_Frauenfeld_Schweiz_DSC_9625 Kopie JoHempel_201508_Gorilla-Inklusion_Frauenfeld_Schweiz_DSC_9619 Kopie JoHempel_201508_Gorilla-Inklusion_Frauenfeld_Schweiz_DSC_9613 Kopie JoHempel_201508_Gorilla-Inklusion_Frauenfeld_Schweiz_DSC_9548 Kopie JoHempel_201508_Gorilla-Inklusion_Frauenfeld_Schweiz_DSC_9525 Kopie

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