D’r Sound Kütt – a way of heartfull carnival Part II


Traditions are crucial for every social group and they are very relative

Good start for a article about an alternative carnival fiesta happening since some 12 years, d’r sound kütt, Reggae beats and similar music played by carnival loving but traditional carnival music disliking DJ’s.

12 years are a long time for being an alternative carnival event, what timespan is relevant to decide what is tradition and what not?

The conclusion might be, it is still alternative, because it does differ from most of the other parties and events happening in Bonn during the carnival and it is tradition, because 12 years is half of what is defined as a generation span and traditions are defined by generations…. right?

Further more it is a peaceful, mindful and non commercial event in the regular carnival madness.

Because of this it is quiet questionable why it is always treat as a bastard child by the Karneval Festausschuss (the association responsible for running the big carnival parade in Rosemonday) and the city of Bonn.

The answer is sad and excluding. The organisers of d’r sound kuett do like carnival, but they do not want to become part of the carnival Kluengel, the, sorry to say, kind of league of honourable gentle(wo)men rooted deep in all parts of city life. Without being in the Kluengel it might be hard for you to become major of the city, expand your business, build up contacts,… German style brotherhood.

Because they do not want to integrate themselves into this Klunegel d’r sound kuett has to handle strict rules like sound level regulations, bathroom rules and such, which are not enforced on the rest of the carnival events during the parade.

Because of this the party has been a official demonstration again this year, that had to end when 400 people where just becoming warm and cosy with the music.

What happened to the spirit of carnival that allowed you to once a year do what you want as long as nobody gets hurt????

Before you start taking a look at the pictures here is a number that shows the diverse way of handling rules during carnival: German law states that being organiser you need to provide 1 toilet for every 50 people coming to your event. 250000 people is the average number of guests on the rosemonday parade. By law the  Festausschuss being the organiser would have to set up 5000 toilets, to prevent people from peeing everywhere. The average number of toilets set up officially is round about 20. D#r sound kuett had 12, all paid by donations. Go figure!

Alaaf akbar again!



KültürKlüngel Orkestra – a way of heartfull carnival – Part I.

Carnival in the rhineland, love it or leave it?

Many folks life by this mantra, being intimidated by 100983288 gallons of beer pured down from weired looking germans in silly costumes during shitty cold weather, in february. And what about this buring a puppet (the nubbel) at the end,  to get rid of all sins that might have accumulated during the days of Carnival, very medival, seems like burning a witch. Not nice….kind of.

But folks, do not forget, the many roots of Carnival, the many evolutions it went through the last hundrets of years, can be happily combined to a more cultural, freaky, funny, friendly way. Driving out the winterghosts, making fun of the high borns, critising social phenomenons, behaving awkward, dancing, singing, beeing creative, welcoming everybody.

Smiling I take a ride back at the 3th or even 4th „Viertelzug“ aka Kültürklüngel Orkestra aka „Peterstrassenganggetswicked“ as beeing a possible face of this colourfull, multicharacteristic, creative side of Carnival.

Take a look and come by next year, when people from all kinds of backgrounds find themselfs on the streets.

Alaaaf Akbar everybody!!!!,…. not to offend anyone, but during Carnival Alaaf, or Helau or Wuptika, or what ever the local shout out is up in the sky, so basicaly: Alaaaf is great everybody



Goulash Disko Festival – slow cooked analog trip

Shot a lot of pictures.. but the analog ones still have the most Goulash Disko

Old lady Leica M3 is a bit slower, therefore we are getting to the quiet moments here. with cross processed anlaog pictures from Goulash Disko Festival.

The right thing to look at on a rainy autumn day, I guess, because if it gets fuzzy ouside, remember the good sunny days and take the mental sun with you all day.

Hope you do enjoy the little trip From Split to Goulash Disko Festival on Viz Island and back. If you find a favorite one…let me know.


have a shot – summer 2016

Summer is nearly coming to an end?!

A little cruel to start with this, but do not worry, the summer will be back and before a great autumn starts I share with you  various photographic works from the last 4 months. Enjoy!!!

Mongolia – digging temples and skateparcs

it has been 14 years….digging in mongolia




And then you scroll trough your old files and find these bw scans, smile and remember. It was digging at Karakorum with the DAI, eating bots every day and finding natural herbs in the mountains, horseriding and dog playing, vast plains and acient remains.

JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw11 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw06 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw04 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once27 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once17 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once15  JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once46 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once37JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once33 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once31JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once26 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once10 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once07 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once13

JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw16 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once55 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw02

JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once51 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once47  JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once40

JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once32 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once09

JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once12 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once08 JoHempel_2002_mongolei_bw_once03


It was the time when to discover the great abondened skatepark in Ulan Bator/mongolia that led us to the 14 skater project „in search for the history of the mongolian skateparc“ in 2004, ending up with the book dirt ollies  and the film mongolian tyres .

Thanks to Juliane Schmidt for showing me the parc first time and to Prof. Dr. Hajo Huettel for accepting my participation with the Kaak/DAI project in Karakorum. Thanks to all the excavation team!